2016 is Ending, Don’t Forget the Fall Home Maintenance Checklist!

2016 is Ending, Don’t Forget the Fall Home Maintenance Checklist!

Before you think, “Oh, no. Here’s another useless list of chores I will never actually complete,” just wait…

Because this checklist is different. We’ve put together a list of small, easy, useful home maintenance tasks you can do in and around your home to quickly start off the new year right. We’ve also estimated the time and costs of doing each, so you can pick and choose the ones you really want to do.

So, ready to start 2017 off with all your household maintenance done? Let’s go!








Replace smoke detector battery

Skip this if your detectors are hardwired.


$2.25 per detector for a battery

5 minutes

Check CO2 detectors as well.

Clean gutters

Use a gutter brush, a leaf blower, or just a broom.


$0.00 if you have the necessary tools

30 minutes

The cost goes up if you fall off the roof, so be careful.

Seal and ventilate

Check for holes in the walls and foundation; check attic vents that they are open.


$25 if you need caulk, foam, or other materials to seal holes

1 hour

The goal is to let air in where you should and keep it out where you should. Take your time and look closely. A candle’s flame can find drafts well.

Clean the heating system

Vacuum vents, change filters, and get a furnace checkup.


$250 if you have an elaborate furnace or extensive ducts

1 hour, to call and hire someone to vacuum the vents

Have an HVAC pro check the furnace. If you don’t, you might end up seeing different pros - firefighters.

Weatherstrip doors and windows

Replace the weather stripping.


$100 to $150 if you have a lot of windows and doors

2 hours, if there’s a lot to do

You might need different types of weatherstripping, so make a list.

Clean around the outside

Clean debris away from the house’s foundation and basement windows.



1 hour

Raking away leaves and debris will help prevent mold and puddles that can compromise your basement.

Check the roof

Look from the ground up at the roof to make sure shingles are all in place and in good shape.


$0.00 unless you have to replace shingles

30 minutes

If you need to have replacements done, hire a good roofer. It will take them less time and they won’t damage the other shingles.

Clean your lawn equipment

Drain any gas, clean the tools well, and store them away.



 1 hour, if you have a lot of power tools

Cleaning tools and putting them away well will help them last longer.

Caulk cracks

This might seem like we covered it, but it bears repeating. Look around windows and doors.


$15.00 for a good caulk and a cheap caulk gun

30 minutes

You are looking for any space where wind and insects can get in.

Change exterior light bulbs

Put new bulbs in all outdoor fixtures.


$20 if you have a few

15 minutes

You don’t want to have to change burned out lightbulbs when it's 5 degrees outside.

Wrap your pipes

Put insulation on your pipes and your hot water heater.



1.5 hours

Wrapping your pipes can save you a lot in energy costs over time and it’s easy to do.

Wash the carpets

Use a carpet cleaner to get mold, dirt, and grime out of the carpets.


$100 if you have to rent a machine

2 hours

You’re going to be locked in with these carpets. Make sure they aren’t harboring nasties.

Get the fireplace ready

Do the basics: clean the chimney; get a CO2 detector; make sure wood is dry; check fireplace tools; make sure flues are working.


$250 if you need to hire a chimney sweep and need other items

30 minutes, if you let a pro do it. (Let a pro do it.)

Your chimney sweep will let you know if there’s more to do.


Your home might have more items to worry about, like a holiday light display that can be seen from space, but these are the most basic fall home maintenance tasks you can complete to keep your home safe and warm over winter.

Print this list, put it on the refrigerator (or your spouse’s side of the bed), and get this stuff done. It won’t take long to make your home more comfortable and cost-efficient!

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