Our Family Cares About The Local Community

Alfano Renovations is a family-owned and operated renovations, construction and real estate consulting company. We count on the community to support the success of our business and we return the favor, however we can. We spend a great amount of time each year helping charitable organizations in the area, along with projects for those in need.

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Completed Kitchen by Alfano Renovations

camp oakhurst

Camp Oakhurst, established in 1906, is operated by New York Service for the Handicapped (NYSH), an independent non-profit social service agency with offices in New York City and Oakhurst, New Jersey.

NYSH provides out-of-home overnight respite (planned and emergency), summer sleep away camp, and day respite services to children and adults with special needs, including autism and physical and developmental disabilities. Our campus is fully accessible and barrier free for wheelchair users, including our heated indoor/outdoor swimming pool, and many other adapted therapeutic recreational activities.

Alfano Renovations renovated the kitchen at the location, with handicapped accessible features. Other local vendors donated services and materials to make the renovation very special for the team at Camp Oakhurst.

Friends of JJ

Alfano Renovations makes a donation in each of our client's names to the Foundation after every Kitchen & Bath remodel.

Friends of JJ is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that brings hope and joy to children and families affected by pediatric diseases. Brenna & Chirs Messana, with the help of their family started this foundation in 2014 in memory of their brother JJ. JJ was 27 years old when he passed away after battling pediatric cancer for eight years. JJs story is incredible. JJ was a CBA graduate, after graduation he started at Monmouth University and joined Sigma Pi Fraternity. Within months he was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. He did not let this disease stop him, while undergoing countless rounds of surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy he managed to graduate Monmouth University and marry his college sweetheart. Even though Jerry was 20 years old when he was diagnosed he was placed on the pediatric floor. For eight years our family watched newborns, infants and children and their families suffer tremendously.

To watch these children and their families was heart-wrenching and something we will never forget. JJ being an older “kid” in the hospital would try to make every younger child smile. JJ was heartbroken over these children having to spend their childhood in a hospital. When JJ passed our family decided to start Friends of JJ to continue JJs efforts in making these children smile.