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You Can Never Go Wrong with a White Kitchen

You Can Never Go Wrong with a White Kitchen

White kitchens are classic. As soon as people started making appliances out of metal and covering them with porcelain, homeowners started buying white stoves, refrigerators, and more. A white kitchen is easily the most classic of all styles.

There’s a long history here.

White appliances are simply the most common and historic style for home kitchens. As appliances became items that people purchase in-store, especially after the industrial revolution, the appliances were coated with white porcelain. Ovens, washing machines, and even toilet tanks all were made with white porcelain. Throughout the last decade, stainless steel has been quite popular, but white appliances are making a comeback.

White appliances

Every kitchen appliance is available in white. From the refrigerator to the mixer on your counter, they all come in white, and they don't necessarily have to be porcelain. In fact, particularly with refrigerators, you can get doors that look like white wooden cabinet doors to match your white cabinets. Many white appliances can also be found with accents that are black, blue, or red. These accents are often thin stripes that add a splash of color to the classic white kitchen.

White Countertops

There are thousands of different white countertops available. Calcatta or Carrara marble countertops, for example, are just a couple of styles you have to choose from. You can also look at white laminates or white tile. The availability of hundreds of white materials makes it easy to achieve a marriage of style and practicality for your countertops. And be sure to include a backsplash! Complementing your white countertops, your backsplash might be made of colorful Italian tiles or dramatic colored marble to add flair to the room.

White Cabinets

Cabinets can be ultra-minimalistic in white, looking like simple high-gloss boards on the wall or finished wood doors. They might even be simple wooden doors that are painted white. No matter what you choose, white cabinets are dramatic and beautiful. With white cabinets, the handles and knobs can be accents or designed to blend into the doors.

The Small Accents

When you have a white kitchen, the smallest splashes of color seem exceptionally dramatic. For example, the KitchenAid mixer is often available in red, and placing a red machine in a white kitchen is a massive, bold statement. Colored backsplashes are also interesting. You can even consider hanging art on the walls to shake up the whiteness of the kitchen without making large changes. One advantage to these small accents is that they’re easy to change with the seasons or your mood. There is no law against owning a few KitchenAid mixers in different colors to change the feel of the kitchen. You can even use colored knobs and handles, and switch them out for a new effect.

The Big Contrasts

Where the small mixer on the countertop can have an interesting effect, you can also look at larger effects, like a stainless-steel refrigerator or a black stove. These changes can take your white kitchen to a new level and change everything. All you have to do is choose well and place everything well. A black glass-topped stove, for example, can seem like a piece of modern art in your white kitchen.

Go for it. Get a white kitchen. You will be amazed at how happy you are with the clean, classic look!

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