Whether you are building or renovating a residential home, investment property or restaurant, planning and design is crucial to every project. Alfano Renovations has many years of hands on knowledge that allows us to lead a customer through this portion of any project. We know many of the issues and problems that may occur during planning and design and how to navigate around them. Planning and designing not only takes place in the beginning of a project but throughout the entire construction process as well.

Our firm has the ability to not only help help during pre-construction but we also have the team that is there during the project. When redesigns need to take place and meetings need to occur to make quick decisive reliable decisions; you want a company that can think on it's feet. We are an aggressive company that is always on the cutting edge of products and building knowledge.

You will have the opportunity to work with our staff in the office, in our showroom or in the field to speak about any design or planning needs that you might have. We have a design showroom for all your visual needs and product choices and in the field we provide assistance for all your construction needs.

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