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Would you like to invest in a rental property, flip a home, or build for profit in New Jersey? Not sure where to begin? Not a problem. The Alfano family can help you make money on investment properties here in our hometown. If you’re looking to invest in Jersey, renovating for resale with us may be your perfect starting point.

Step 1: Conduct Local Market Research & Find Ideal Property
Step 1: Conduct Local Market Research & Find Ideal PropertyAlfano Renovations are New Jersey natives and will help you research properties in the areas that are most compatible with your current geographic location. We recognize that owning property far away is a hassle. You can’t view it, maintain it, or get there quickly in case of an emergency. To that end, the Alfano family will help you consider all factors associated with choosing the ideal investment property.

Once you settle on the perfect place, Alfano Renovations will guide you from this first step into the next, determining the necessary renovation costs.
Step 2: Determine Renovation Costs & Potential Profits
Step 2: Determine Renovation Costs & Potential ProfitsPrior to purchasing a property, you will receive a detailed budget from Alfano Renovations that outlines all of the possible repairs and upgrades that your investment property could benefit from. We will explain the renovations that are absolutely necessary, and recommend optional projects that could boost your property value even further.

With a detailed renovations budget in your hand before purchasing any property, you can assess the total investment cost, including all desired renovations. Alfano Renovations will also provide you with an appraisal of the property to forecast property value after your renovations are complete.

If we discover that the numbers don’t work in your favor -- that a particular property will not return a profit after renovations and real estate fees -- we’ll make sure you know, then help you find a new property that does work in your favor.
 Step 3: Purchase & Renovate the Ideal Property
Step 3: Purchase & Renovate the Ideal PropertyWhen you invest with help from Alfano Renovations, mistakes are hard to make. With our expertise, we can help you make great purchasing decisions in New Jersey. Once we find a property that we know is a good investment for you, only then will we guide you through this third step.

By step three, we’ve researched the market and found a profitable investment property. Now Alfano Renovations will help you purchase that ideal property and bring it up to industry standards. We’ll get your investment property to market as soon as possible by commencing your renovations immediately. We already have the plans and your budget; it’s time to get to work.
Step 4: Sell the Renovated Property
Step 4: Sell the Renovated PropertyAfter Alfano Renovations begins work on your property, our realtor will help you sell it to a happy buyer. We typically advise placing the house or building for sale the day renovations begin. This allows a potential buyer to view our progress and in some cases, personally choose their own finish materials in the Alfano Renovations Showroom.

Resale is easy with Alfano Renovations.  Contact us today to get started.

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